The Main Rules
Welcome to River Bend Family Campground, a family campground and RV park located at 1092 Whetstone River Road S, Caledonia, Ohio 43314 ("the Campground"). The Campground is owned by Riverbend Campground Partners, LLC. These rules apply to all campers, both seasonal and short-term.
  1. The Rules. The Campground is privately owned and operated. We have created these rules in order to ensure that the Campground is compliant with state, federal, and local law and to protect the family environment of the Campground. Please read these rules carefully, as the Campground reserves the right to terminate the license of any guest to be present at the Campground.
  2. Short-Term Camper Specific Rules
    1. Check In/Check Out. Check-in time is 3pm. Check-out time is noon.
    2. Weekend Golf Cart Fee. Weekend golf carts are allowed for a $5 fee per cart per 3 days. Please visit the office to obtain registration. You or your minor child must be 16 years or older to drive a golf cart onsite and have a valid driver's license.
    3. People Per Site. 2 adults and up to 4 minor children are included in the base site fee. (Additional children are $5 each per night.) Adults are completely responsible for their children, pets, and any guests. Additional adults are permitted for a fee of $10 each per night. The maximum number of campers permitted on a site at one time is eight (8).
    4. The Map. The online map reflects the current sites offered by the Campground for online booking. There may be additional sites, which are adjacent to your camp site, that are not shown as available for online booking which are reserved for seasonal guests of the Campground.
    5. Short Term Pet Fee. Short term campers may bring pets for a fee of $5 per animal per night.
    6. No Warranty As To Primitive Electric. We cannot guarantee the strength of the amperage for primitive electric sites. Generally, primitive electric sites will power a few small appliances using standard 110 household plugs, but may not be able to provide power to air conditioning units or other uses that require more amperage, especially during times when the primitive electric sites are near full.
  3. Visitors/Guests. Both short-term campers and seasonal campers are permitted to have visitors at the Campground, so long as these rules are followed. Guests of seasonal campers may obtain any of the passes noted in paragraph 30. Guests of short-term campers may obtain a day pass, which is $5 and requires the guest to leave the campground by 11pm, or an overnight pass, which is $10 and allows the guest to stay at the campground until Noon the next day. Guests of short term campers must arrive by no later than 9pm, unless prior arrangements are made with the Office. Guests of seasonal campers may arrive after 9pm, so long as: 1) they are escorted by the seasonal camper upon their arrival, 2) the seasonal camper informs the Office of the guest's name, address, and phone number within 24 hours of the guest's post-9pm arrival, and 3) the seasonal camper pays the Campground the appropriate fee for the guest.
  4. Food Deliveries. If you order food to be delivered to the Campground, you must meet your driver at the office during times when the office is open, or at the security gate if the office is closed.
  5. Pets. Pets must be registered at the office and have current shots and license tags. Pets must be with the owner at all times or kept inside of an enclosed RV or tent where the animal is secured by a chain such that the animal cannot escape the tent. If you leave your pet in an enclosed RV or tent, the RV or tent must have adequate ventilation and the temperature must not be unsafe for the animal. Pets must be on a leash or a chain no longer than 8 feet at all times, unless in an enclosed RV. If you have a dog fence, you must leave 3 feet between the fence and your neighbor’s lot line. If you have a dog that is chained at your property, the chain must not allow them to come closer than 5 feet to a neighboring lot line. Your animal may not bark excessively or make excessive noise. You are expected to clean up after your pets immediately. Failure to clean up dog waste will result in a $150 fine and, at the sole discretion of the Campground, expulsion of the animal from the Campground or expulsion of the guest/camper from the Campground. The Campground retains the right to immediately expel any pet due to violations of these rules in the sole discretion of the Campground. Pets are permitted to swim in the pond (at their own risk) and run without a leash at the softball field or football field so long as the animal has been trained to return on command. Dogs are not allowed on boats. Seasonal campers are limited to no more than 3 animals on your lot at any time. Short-term campers are limited to no more than 2 animals at the campsite.
  6. Noise Policy. The decibel level is measured from any lot line. The decibel level must never exceed 72db. During Quiet Time (10pm-Midnight on Sun-Wed and 11pm-1am on Thurs-Sat), the decibel level must not exceed 65db. During Bedtime (Midnight-8am on Sun-Wed and 1am-8am on Thurs-Sat) no amplified sound of any kind is permitted outside and your neighbors should not be able to hear any sound coming from your lot.
  7. Curfew. Children who are age 8 and under must be accompanied by their parents (if at an official Campground event or visiting other campers) or at their campsite with a responsible adult over the age of 18 at all times. Children between the ages of 9 and 11 must be accompanied by their parents or a responsible adult from dusk until 8am. Children between the ages of 12 and 17 must return to their campsite by the Quiet Time as designated by the Noise Policy each night.
  8. Swimming Pool. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK! THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY! All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18. Diaper age babies must wear swim diapers in the pool. Additional rules are listed at the Pool.
  9. Pond Rules. NO SWIMMING IN THE POND! Children must be 12 years or older to take watercraft on the pond. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult to participate in pond boating activities. BOAT AT YOUR OWN RISK! Pets are not permitted to go on the boats. No one under age 18 may be on the dock or on the banks of the pond after dark without a responsible adult present.
  10. Canopies. All canopies or tents must be staked down and secured such that they do not blow away from your lot. You are responsible for any damage that your canopies or tents cause to the lots of other campers.
  11. Bikes. Must be parked at dusk. Keep bikes on the road. Do not cut through campsites or grass. E-bikes are allowed. However, the 5mph speed limit must be followed at all times. After dark, e-bikes require lights and a driver's license to operate.
  12. Frozen Water. In the Spring and Fall months, it is possible that the water lines may freeze at the Campground. Please act accordingly. There are no refunds for lack of water availability due to freezing water.
  13. Fires. Fires are permitted inside of the fire rings only. If you choose to start a fire inside of your fire ring, you are solely responsible for the fire and all damage it may cause. Do not leave fires unattended.
  14. Garbage. Garbage must be bagged and placed in a dumpster. Dispose of waste water in the facilities provided. Never pour grease down drains! No additional garbage other than garbage generated while at the Campground may be placed in the dumpsters. No construction material, appliances, oil, paint, or hazardous materials are permitted.
  15. Prohibited Items. Fireworks, bows, arrows, or any other weapon are prohibited at the Campground, except as otherwise set forth in these Rules.
  16. Firearms. Firearms shall not be displayed on the property at any time. Publicly displaying a firearm is grounds for expulsion from the Campground. You may possess a firearm on Campground property, consistent with Ohio law, but must keep all firearms inside of a locked vehicle (whether RV or other vehicle) and out of the possession or sight of your children or other campers.
  17. Vehicles. The speed limit in the park is 5mph, which includes all vehicles. A maximum of 2 vehicles is permitted to be on each site (space permitting). Parking is not permitted on adjacent lots (even if the lot is vacant). No on-street parking at any time (even if someone is having a party on their lot). Unlicensed, inoperative, or junk vehicles are not permitted in the Campground. Repairing vehicles other than golf carts is not permitted in the Campground.
  18. Golf Carts. Golf carts must display the pass issued by the office and 3 inch reflective numbers displayed in a prominent place on the back of the golf cart. You must have a valid license or learners permit to drive a golf cart. Golf carts must be driven in a safe manner. Golf carts shall not be driven while the driver is intoxicated. All drivers age 21 and under must carry their driver's license with them when driving at the campground. Drivers with a temporary license must have a parent or guardian present to be able to drive. You may keep your license or permit on file at the office to avoid being stopped by campground security.
  19. Refund Policy: For seasonal campers, there are no refunds under any circumstance. For short-term campers, cancellations that are more than 45 days from the date of the reservation will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations between 45 days and 30 days will receive a choice of a 50% refund or a camp credit for the same amount. Any cancellations within 30 days or less from the first date of the reservation will not receive a refund, but will instead be offered a camping credit to be used at any time during the same camping season or the next camping season. However, if you are camping for a sporting event and have a cancellation because the event rains out, you are entitled to a fifty percent refund if you can prove that the event was cancelled In the event that the camp site you reserved is not able to be inhabited due to floods, government orders, or other reasons beyond the control of the Campground, your site may be moved to another location or reservation may have to be canceled. If the Campground cancels your reservation, you will receive a 100% refund.
  20. Nature of Rights. Short-term campers have a license to be present at the designated site for the designated time. The license may be revoked at any time. Whether seasonal or short-term, campers are not permitted to transfer or sub lease their sites, without the express written consent of the Campground.
  21. Limited Release of Photo Rights. Solely for purposes of the promotion of the Campground, you agree that the Campground may use your likeness in advertising material and social media posts for any image that was captured on site at the Campground.
  22. Video Surveillance. There are some areas of the Campground that are surveilled by video cameras. Generally, these cameras are not monitored by any person in real time. The cameras may or may not be monitored on a regular basis. The purpose of these video cameras is for security of the Campground, to investigate any incidents that may occur, and to deter crime. You may not rely on the video surveillance provided by the Campground for any security as it pertains to you, your family, your guests your lot, or camping unit. The Campground has no duty to take any actions on your behalf solely because the Campground utilizes such video surveillance.
  23. Responsibility for Guests. If you invite a guest to the Campground, you have full responsibility for all actions taken within the Campground by your guest. If your guest commits an act, that act is attributable to you, as if you had done it yourself, even if it is an accident. Seasonal campers must pre-approve their guests using the online form, or escort the guest from the office upon the guest's arrival. A maximum of 10 pre-approved guests may be submitted at any one time. All guests must pay the applicable fee. Choose your guests wisely!
  24. Facility Rentals. Facility rentals are available to both seasonal and short-term campers. To rent a facility you must 1) have at least one camping reservation booked for the day of the facility rental, 2) contact the office to confirm the availability on the date requested by submitting the form or otherwise, and 3) pay the rental fee to the office. Facility rentals are not available during holiday weekends or major campground events. Your facility rental is only confirmed after the office confirms your date and you have paid the rental fee. Rentals are available from 10am to 5pm. A rental is good for the entire 7 hour period. The maximum number of guests is 50 per rental. You may request permission for additional guests from the office. If permission is granted, any additional guests will have to pay the $5 day pass fee. You are responsible for cleaning the facility and returning it to the condition in which it was provided to you. The cost for facility rentals is as follows:
    1. Pavilion: $200 ($150 for seasonal campers)
    2. Picnic Shelter: $200 ($150 for seasonal campers)
    3. Activity Center: $250 ($200 for seasonal campers)
  25. Eviction and Removal. The Campground reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to evict any seasonal camper or remove any short-term camper or visitor at any time for any reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to, ensuring the safety of the campers and maintaining the family-friendly environment of the Campground. Failure to pay rent when due will result in eviction or removal from the Campground. A violation of any of the rules contained in this document is sufficient to permit the Campground to evict or remove the rule-violating camper. The Campground may or may not provide warnings to campers. The failure to provide a warning shall not constitute a defense to a camper's removal or eviction.
  26. Age. You must be at least 18 years of age to book a site at the Campground.
  27. Family Rules. The following rules are in place to protect the family focused lifestyle of the Campground:
    1. Do not use foul, lewd, or vulgar language in public.
    2. Do not play music that has foul, lewd, or vulgar language in public.
    3. Do not display in any format whatsoever any flag that represents politics or political topics, including but not limited to the Confederate flag, political candidate flags, or political causes, regardless of the viewpoint. (However, the United States flag, the Ohio flag, any Armed Services flags, Sports and College Team flags are allowed.) This rule applies only to flags.
    4. Do not possess or use drugs that are illegal for you to possess under Ohio law.
    5. No gang or bike club "colors" or "vests" are to be worn or displayed at any time.
    6. No fighting. Physical altercations between campers will be reported to law enforcement and are subject to action by the campground, including, but not limited to, eviction.
    7. No theft. If you steal something from another camper, you will be evicted.
  29. Camper and Camper Guest Liability. You agree that you will be responsible for paying for any damages that you, your children, anyone on your contract, or your guests cause. In the event that damage is caused to the property of the Campground and it is determined to be the fault of you, your children, or your guests, the Campground will invoice you with a written statement of the nature of the damages that were incurred and the cost, which you must pay within 10 days.
  30. Assumption of the Risk and Release of Claims. Your usage of the Campground involves risks. It is not possible to compile a complete listing of the risks. However, the risks include the possibility that you will suffer serious, even fatal, injury or illness. The use of alcohol or drugs may increase your risks. Known risks include: rocks, roots, vegetation, trees, bugs, insects, and anything outside; lightning strikes or other weather phenomena; there are no lifeguards at the pool, the pond, or the river. There are no rescue vehicles or medical facilities at the Campground. There are areas of the campground that are very dark at night, which may cause you injury if you don't have a flashlight. There are no trained medical professionals at the Campground. YOU VOLUNTARILY, KNOWINGLY, AND FREELY, ASSUME AND TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL RISKS, KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, RELATED TO YOUR ACCESS AND USE OF THE CAMPGROUND. SUCH RISKS INCLUDE THE POSSIBILITY THAT THE CAMPGROUND, AND ITS EMPLOYEES, OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, AGENTS, AND CONTRACTORS MAY BE NEGLIGENT, RESULTING IN INJURY TO YOU OR YOUR PROPERTY. YOU, FOR YOURSELF, YOUR HEIRS, ASSIGNS, PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES, AND NEXT OF KIN, HEREBY RELEASE ALL CLAIMS AGAINST THE CAMPGROUND FROM ANY AND ALL CAUSES OF ACTION (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, NEGLIGENCE). YOU RELEASE ALL CLAIMS AGAINST THE CAMPGROUND THAT MAY RESULT IN INJURY, DEATH, DISABILITY, OR DAMAGES TO PROPERTY. IF YOU ARE THE PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN OF A CHILD, YOU SIMILARLY ASSUME ALL RISKS ON BEHALF OF YOUR CHILD AND HEREBY RELEASE THE CAMPGROUND FROM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY RELATED TO YOUR CHILD.
  31. No Hazardous Materials. The possession or use of hazardous materials is prohibited at the Campground. Hazardous materials include, but are not limited to: waste from oils and solvents, pesticides, old batteries, gasoline outside of a gas tank, radioactive materials, or biowaste materials.
  32. Fire Safety. You can find fire extinguishers at the Office, the Activity Center, the Snack Shack, and the Rec Center.
  33. Short Term Camper Guest Arrival Deadline. Guests of short term campers must arrive after 8 am and before 9pm, check in at the office, and pay the applicable fee, to be admitted to the campground.
  34. The Golden Rule. Treat other campers and representatives of the Campground with respect at all times.
  1. Seasonal Site General Rules.
    1. Sites shall be kept orderly, neat, clean, and free of litter. All units must be kept in good repair. You must immediately replace and repair any unsightly damage to your RV. This includes, broken windows, peeling paint, dirty exterior. If you have an air conditioning window unit, it must be supported by brackets on the outside of the camping vehicle. The Campground may conduct site inspections to confirm your adherence to the rules at its discretion.
    2. The potable water hose from the camper to the hydrant must be white or blue in color (or white with a blue stripe). All sewer connections must have a rubber sewer collar placed on the sewer hose to contain the odor and splash. All propane tanks must be secured (as required by Marion Health Department.) Any propane tanks larger than 100lbs must be approved in writing by the Campground.
    3. Sites are to be used for recreational purposes only. You are not permitted to conduct business from your site, unless you are assisting the Campground and have the Campground's written permission. The Campground reserves the right to revoke such permission at any time.
    4. All firewood must be in racks at least 8 inches off the ground. Fire rings must be a safe distance from campers, vehicles, or other flammable items.
    5. When leaving the campground for an extended period of time, seasonal campers must shut off the electric and water and unplug the camper. Water hydrant must be in the off position and the hose disconnected. Your sewer hose must be out. You must replace the cap on the sewer line for the winter.
    6. Sites must be spaced as follows: Not less than 15 feet between camping units and not less than 10 feet between the ends of the units. The addition of sheds, decks, canopies, cement, or any alteration that cannot be quickly removed must first obtain written consent from the Campground. Any alteration must not prevent your camper from being pulled off of the site. You must maintain enough room on your site to park your vehicle. You may not physically attach any alteration items to your camper.
    7. You must keep the area clear within 5 feet of the electric pedestal and the water spigot.
    8. You must pay your electric bill in a timely manner. Bills are due by the 15th of each month for the electric usage in the prior month. Failure to pay the electric bill within 30 days of receiving the invoice will result in a 20% late fee that will be charged each month.
    9. You are permitted to have a camper and one tent on the same site.
    10. At least one seasonal camper who is an adult on the contract must be present when any guests of the camper are at the Campground. For the sake of clarity, this means that even children who are age 18 or older, but are not one of the two adults listed on the contract, are not permitted to be at the Campground without one of the two authorized adults present.
    11. If you have a golf cart, you must follow the golf cart rules and have your cart inspected once at the beginning of the camping season.
    12. In the event that a governmental agency conducts an inspection and determines that your camp site is not in compliance, you must take all steps within your control necessary to make your camp site compliant.
    13. You must not host any competing events at your lot that during times when Campground events are planned.
    14. The maximum number of sites that a seasonal camper can lease is two (2).
    15. Any guests of seasonal campers must pay the applicable fee.
    16. Incidents of physical violence or threats of physical violence between campers may result in the expulsion of one or both campers at the sole discretion of the Campground, regardless of whether the physical violence or threat of physical violence occurred on Campground property. If the Campground believes in good faith that there is any physical violence or threat of physical violence that may result in future violence at the Campground, the Campground may take any lawful action that it deems necessary, including, but not limited to, eviction.
  2. Seasonal Charges. The following fees will be charged to you under the following circumstances:
    1. PASSES. There are no refunds available for any type of Pass.
      1. CAR PASSES
        1. A Seasonal Car Pass is issued to each of the 2 adults who are authorized to be at the site at no charge. There is a $10 fee for replacement seasonal car passes.
        2. A Youth Car Pass may be purchased for $10 for the vehicle of a seasonal camper's child between the ages of 16 and 22. For adult children of campers who are age 23 or older, either a day pass or seasonal family pass must be purchased. The Youth Car Pass holder must reside at home with his or her parents and share the same home address. The replacement cost is $5 for a youth card.
        1. An Individual Day Pass may be purchased for $5 per day for any individual who is not listed at the site. The Day Pass does not include overnight stays. Day Passes are not required for children age 5 and younger. The cost of a Day Pass may be more for special events. Day passes are good from 8am until 11pm.
        2. An Overnight Pass may be purchased for $10 per night for any individual who is not listed at the site. Guest passes are not required for children age 5 and younger. Overnight passes expire at noon the following day.
        3. A Senior Dinner Pass is available for parents or grandparents of seasonal campers who are age 65 or older at no charge. A Dinner Pass does not permit the holder to use any of the facilities of the Campground (other than the Restrooms). A Day Pass would be required for facilities usage. The Dinner Pass permits the holder to visit the seasonal camper's site between the hours of 1pm and 9pm.
        4. Active Duty Military Pass is available for children or parents of seasonal campers in good standing who are home from active duty in the military and permits the holder to be on site at the Campground anytime their parent or child who is a seasonal camper in good standing is present at the Campground.
        5. A Grandchild Pass is available for grandchildren of seasonal campers in good standing. The cost is $25 per grandchild who is present at the Campground at one time. For example, if you have 5 grandchildren and have 3 Grandchild Passes, you can have up to 3 grandchildren visit at one time without paying the daily rate. If you wanted to have all 5 grandchildren present at once, you could just pay the day rate for the extra children or buy additional Grandchild Passes if you think there will be more times in the season when you have all 5 grandchildren present at once.
        1. A Family Day Pass may be purchased for an adult child of a seasonal camper, their spouse, and his/her minor children, or for parents of campers for $100. You must be present at the Campground when your visiting family is present. People with a Family Day Pass are not permitted to be in the Campground without an authorized camper. Even if you have a Family Day Pass, you must still pay an additional $10 per person per night to stay overnight at the Campground (unless you have a Family Day/Night Pass). You must leave the campground by 11pm for a Family Day Pass.
        2. A Seasonal Family Day/Night Pass may be purchased for $200 and provides the same rights as the Family Day pass, plus the right to stay at the campground overnight for parents or adult children of seasonal campers.
        3. A Seasonal Non-Family Guest Pass may be purchased for a maximum of 2 guests per lot per season. (If you have 2 lots, you are permitted to have up to 4 Seasonal Guest Passes per season.) A Seasonal Non-Family Guest Pass allows your guests to have a gate pass to enter the campground without visiting the office and checking in or paying a per visit fee. A Day Only Seasonal Non-Family Guest Pass is $100 per person and requires that the guest to depart by 11pm. A Day/Night Non-Family Seasonal Guest Pass is $200 per person and allows the guest to be on site at any time you, the registered seasonal camper, are onsite. You must be present at the Campground when your Seasonal Guest Pass holders visit. The Campground will revoke the Seasonal Non-Family Guest Pass (with no refunds) if: 1) you are not present when your Seasonal Non-Family Guest Pass holders are present, 2) the Non-Family Seasonal Guest Pass holder transfers the pass to someone else who uses it to enter the gate, 3) you notify the Campground that you would like to terminate the Non-Family Seasonal Guest Pass privileges, 4) the Campground determines that the Non-Family Seasonal Guest Pass holder has violated the rules of the Campground and, in the sole discretion of the Campground, should no longer be permitted to have Seasonal Guest Pass privileges, 5) the seasonal camper associated with the Seasonal Non-Family Guest Pass holder sells their lot(s) or is evicted, or 6) the Non-Family Seasonal Guest Pass holder uses the pass to allow an unapproved/non-paying guest in to the Campground without first checking in at the Office. These passes are per person (not per family). They are not transferable under any circumstance.
      4. STORAGE PASSES FOR TRAILERS, BOATS, ETC. All storage passes must park in the locations designated by the Campground.
          Short Term Campers: Short-term campers (non-seasonal campers) must pay a fee of $5 per day per boat or trailer and must be parked in the designated area. Seasonal Camper In/Out Storage Pass: Seasonal campers may purchase a Seasonal Camper In/Out Storage Pass for $50 per season, which allows the seasonal camper to bring the trailer or boat, for a period of not more than 3 consecutive days. After 3 days of being present in a row, the Seasonal Camper will be charged with a Monthly Storage Rate of $45 for each month that the 3 day period is exceeded. Seasonal Monthly Storage Pass: Seasonal campers may purchase a Seasonal Monthly Storage Pass for $45 per month, which allows the seasonal camper to store their trailer or boat for an unlimited amount of time during the season.
    2. FEES
      1. A Return Check Fee will be charged to you in the same amount that the Campground is charged by the bank.
      2. A Lot Change Fee of $50 will be charged to you the first time you change lots during the season. You will be charged $150 for each additional lot change.
      3. Unregistered Golf Cart Fee of $25 per week for every week that a camper has a golf cart that is not registered. The fees begin to accrue immediately for short-term campers, and seven (7) days after notice of the unregistered golf cart has been provided to the seasonal camper. (A separate notice is not required for each week if there are multiple weeks.)
      4. New Gate Scan Card Replacement Fee. Scan cards that are lost by seasonal campers can be replaced for a fee of $15 per card. If the card stops working, there is no fee to have it replaced or fixed.
  3. Seasonal Camper Background Checks. Effective September 13, 2022, all new seasonal campers - whether from the seasonal waiting list or who purchased a camping vehicle from an existing seasonal camper – must pass a criminal background check to the satisfaction of the Campground.The cost of the background check is $15 per adult ($30 total, unless only one adult is on the lease) and must be paid by seasonal camper applicants prior to signing the lease. The Campground will only allow prospective seasonal campers to sign seasonal contracts if the criminal background checks run on all adults (age 18+) show that the adults do not have any of the following types of crimes in their criminal record:
    1. Any crimes of violence (domestic or otherwise) in the last 10 years,
    2. Vandalism/Burglary/Theft/Fraud within the last 10 years,
    3. Murder, manslaughter, or rape at any time ever, or
    4. Any crime against children of any type ever
    • Once accepted as a seasonal camper, you must continue to not be convicted of any crimes of violence or any crime against children of any type ever to continue to be a seasonal camper at the Campground.
  4. Seasonal Waiting List and Camper Lot Changes. If the seasonal lots are sold out for a given year, the Campground will start a waiting list for the next season. As seasonal lots become open, the people on the waiting list receive order of priority in the order that they signed up for the list. However, to be on the waiting list you must pay a $10 fee each year between April 1st and May 31st. So long as you pay that fee, you keep your place on the waiting list. In exchange for the $10 fee, you will receive a 10% discount for all short-term camping reservations from Sunday-Thursday and buy one get one free day passes to attend special events at the Campground.

    The rules for determining the priority of the waiting list are as follows:

    1. The Campground and its owners have first priority over all lots.
    2. Neighboring lot expansions for existing seasonal campers. So long as you are a seasonal camper in good standing and have followed the rules and regulations of the Campground, if there is an adjoining lot that has become available which neighbors your current lot and you are on the waiting list for the lot that has become available, you will have the first opportunity to rent the lot, even if someone else was on the waiting list longer than you. If there are two adjoining seasonal campers who have interest in the same lot, whoever was on the waiting list first receives priority.
    3. Lot changes for existing seasonal campers. Seasonal campers must respond to communications from the Campground in writing (email or text) within 3 days regarding lot changes, after which time, the lot will be offered to the next person on the list. The seasonal camper’s place in line on the change list will remain unchanged if they fail to respond within 3 days. If a seasonal camper decides to move to the offered lot, they must 1) move to the new site within 7 days of acceptance in writing, 2) clean up your old site and have it prepared for another camper to move in, 3) pay the applicable fee, and 4) sign the Camper Change Acknowledgement document in the office. Failure to do all of the above will result in the change offer being revoked or other action taken on the part of the Campground.
      1. So long as you are a seasonal camper in good standing and have followed the rules and regulations of the Campground, if you are on the waiting list for a non-adjoining lot and wish to move to another lot, you will have priority after lot expansions for seasonal campers. Seasonal campers who move from one site to two different neighboring sites are considered as lot changes, not neighboring expansions. The priority for the same lot is based on the length of uninterrupted time on the waiting list.
      2. Regardless of the time when the camper is moved (even if the camper is moved at the end of the season or start of the next season), there is a $50 fee for the first move and a $150 fee for each additional move. There is no charge for the first move if you move your camper on your own without requiring the assistance of the Campground. The $150 charge for additional moves must be paid even if you move your own camper.
      3. Sheds, decks, and other structures will not be moved by the Campground and are not included in the change fee. However, you may ask other campers, including Campground representatives, if they are willing to assist you for a fee, or you may move it yourself once approved. The lot change fee must be paid prior to the camper being moved, but is not required to be paid to be on the change request list.
      4. If you wish to change your lot for the next season, you must provide your lot change request by no later than September 15th of the prior season. Once you move to a different lot, you are not permitted to move to another lot until April 15th of the next season. Prior to moving your camper, you must obtain the Campground's approval, sign an acknowledgement regarding these lot change rules, and pay the applicable lot change fee. (See Camper Lot Change Acknowledgement below).
    4. Prospective seasonal campers in the order they signed up for the waiting list. Prospective seasonal campers will be granted opportunities to rent lots based on their uninterrupted time on the waiting list and compliance with waiting list policies and payments. Effective September 13, 2022, seasonal campers must pass a criminal background check prior to being permitted to sign a seasonal contract.
  5. Changing and Updating Named Campers on the Contract. The two named seasonal campers on the contract for your lot(s) must be members of the same household (they must reside in the same physical household). Otherwise, family members (people who are related by blood or marriage to a seasonal camper who is already on the contract) may be one of the two seasonal campers on the contract even if they are not members of the same household for a fee of Four Hundred Dollars ($400.00) per season. People who do not live in the same household and are not family members are not eligible to be on the same seasonal contract together.
  6. Camping Vehicle Sales and Transfers. Seasonal campers may sell their vehicle to a prospective purchaser who may then acquire the rights to have an option to rent the seller's lot for the remainder of the current year and the following year so long as the following rules are followed:
    1. The Campground will not recognize any attempted transfers of lots unless these rules are followed. If you sell your camping vehicle without having the transaction approved by the Campground, the lot will not accompany the vehicle and both you and your prospective buyer will be evicted.
    2. Camping vehicle sales must be approved by the Campground by September 1st for the purchaser to be guaranteed to retain the same lot for the following season. In the event that a camping vehicle sale is completed after September 1st, the lot, if not renewed by the current tenant, may be transferred to the next person in line on the current seasonal camper change waiting list. You are free to sell your camping vehicle to anyone you would like to sell it to. However, if you intend for your lot to accompany the camping vehicle (either for the current season or for the next season), you must obtain written approval from the Campground.
    3. Prior to the lot transfer being approved by the Campground, the Campground must complete an inspection of the camping vehicle at issue to confirm that the Campground will allow a new owner to continue to use the same Camper and rent the lot for the next year.
    4. Prior to the lot transfer being approved by the Campground, the Campground must run a criminal background check on the prospective buyer, which passes to the satisfaction of the Campground, in its sole discretion.
    5. You cannot sell the rights to your lot if no camping vehicle is involved in the sale (for example, if you have a second lot with no camper on it). However, there is an exception to this rule for campers who wish to transfer a 2nd lot only to a child who has been on the parents' lease in the past and is now over age 18.
    6. The purchaser of a camping vehicle from a seasonal camper who has leased two (2) lots and sells the camper on one of those lots is entitled to an option to lease the second lot. This decision must be made at the time the Office approves the transfer. If the second lot is not leased by the buyer, it goes to the next person on the camping change list, and then to the next person on the seasonal waiting list.
    7. The person who purchases the Camper must pay the pro-rated lot rent for the remainder of the year. In the event of an off-season sale, the new camper/purchaser shall be credited for any lot rent already paid by the transferring camper/seller towards the camping season that has not yet started. After April 1st, the pro-rata payment rule applies for any transfer and any existing camper credits are not transferable.
    8. If you are an existing seasonal camper who purchases a camping vehicle, you get to cut in line on the camper change list for the lot of the vehicle you purchased and you are not required to pay pro-rata lot rent if you already paid full lot rent for the year at another site. To be clear, this does not apply to a seasonal camper who is keeping their existing site and acquiring an additional one.
    9. When you sell your camper and the rights to your Campsite, you immediately forfeit all rights to be present at the Campground. You are not entitled to continue to visit the Campground with no additional fee (even though you already paid full Rent for the entire season), after you have sold your camper and the rights to your Campsite. You may still visit the Campground and pay for the appropriate pass to have visitor access.
  7. Renewing Your Lot for Next Season. The Campground, in its sole discretion, shall determine whether or not it wishes to offer you an opportunity to renew your lease. Among other factors, the Campground may consider the following in determining whether to offer you an opportunity to renew: 1) violations of the Rules and Regulations, 2) public disparagement of the Campground or its owners, 3) overuse of Campground resources, 4) failure to share Campground values, and 5) repeated late payments, among other factors. If you are offered an opportunity to renew your lot for next season, your renewal is complete once you have a signed contract on file with the Campground and deposit at least 50% of the lot rent fee for next season (which includes the road maintenance fee) by September 1st. In the event that you fail to have your account paid up to date for the current season and to provide at least a 50% deposit on the next season by September 1st, the Campground may offer the site to someone else and provide a refund to you of any deposit that you have paid to the Campground (that is less than 50% of the total lot rent). There is a $50 road maintenance fee per lot with a camper on it. (If you have 2 lots and one of them does not have a camper, you will only be charged with one road maintenance fee.) You may leave the Unit at the Campsite during the off-season to store the Unit. The monthly fee for winter rent is $20 per month, or $100 per off-season if you elect to leave your Unit at the Campsite during the entire off-season. This winter rent fee is waived if you pay your lot rent and road maintenance in full by September 1st. The Campground reserves the right to change the amount of lot rent or winter rent from season to season. You must leave your lot in the same condition that you found it in, such that it is ready for the next camper. If there is damage to the site, you will be responsible for any damages caused to your campsite and the Campground will invoice you for any necessary repairs.
  8. Camp Accounts. The Camp Account program allows you to put charges on your Camp Account at the General Store or the Snack Shack. If you are eligible, you can use this program by providing your name and lot number at the time of purchase. To be eligible to use your Camp Account, you must 1) have an active credit card linked to your Firefly account online, and 2) sign the Camp Account Authorization Form for each season. The limit for any one transaction using the Camp Account is Twenty Dollars ($20), unless the transaction is for a propane purchase. Because children are eligible to use their parents' accounts, we encourage you to regularly check your Firefly account for transactions to monitor the Camp Account usage of your children. If a child makes a Camp Account purchase from their parents account that the parents did not want the child to make, there will be no refund. We encourage you to not sign up for the Camp Account program if you are concerned that your children will abuse it. Please Note: A requirement of using the Camp Account is having a credit card on file with your Firefly account. If you have a credit card on file with Firefly, it will also automatically be charged for your electric bills each month. If you do not want to pay your electric bills automatically by credit card, you are not eligible for the Camp Account program. Seasonal campers may make a one-time transfer of any balance of reservation credits that they may have with the Campground to the seasonal camper's parents, children, or siblings. Once the transfer has been made, it cannot be transferred again. There are no cash refunds available for reservation credit balances.
  9. Seasonal Camper Divorce/Couples Break-up Policy: In the event that the two named adult campers on the contract get a divorce or end of their relationship, the policy of the campground is as follows:
    • So long as each person remains on the contract, each person will be jointly and severally liable for any lot payments that are due, as if there was no break up.
    • The right to the seasonal lot after it has been paid for is a property right that must be allocated between the two named adult campers on the contract. If there is a dispute about ownership of the camping vehicle and the accompanying rights to camp at the Campground, the Campground will deem the owner to be whomever is listed on the title.
    • The former spouse/partner who is not retaining the camping vehicle or the seasonal lot will not be automatically banned from entering the Campground as a guest; provided, however, that the Campground reserves the right to take any action necessary to keep the Campground safe, consistent with the Rules and Regulations. 
    • Once a person has notified the office that he or she would no longer like to be a named adult on the lease, that person forfeits the right to visit the Campground without paying for a day pass or some other pass. 
    • The Campground will not notify former spouses or partners about the status of the sale of a camping vehicle.
  10. Seasonal Camper Lot Split Policy. Seasonal campers who share a common lot between their lots may equally be named campers on the lot and split the lot so long as the camping vehicle owned by those seasonal campers is on a different lot. The lot that is being equally shared must not have a camping vehicle on it. In the event that seasonal campers no longer wish to share a lot, the person who has been a seasonal camper at the campground for the longest consecutive period of time shall have the right to have the sole rights to the formerly split lot, or, if that camper is not interested in the lot, the lot shall be offered to the seasonal waiting list.
  11. Services. The Campground may provide optional paid services to you, such as delivering mulch or gravel for your lot or providing lawn maintenance services. In the event that you engage the Campground to perform such services, you agree that the maximum amount of recovery in the event of negligence by the Campground or its agents is the amount that you paid for the services. There shall be no recovery by the person who requested services for consequential damages, incidental damages or property damage, unless the actions of the Campground are proven to be intentional and not merely negligent.
  12. Changing the Rules. The Campground, in its sole discretion, may change these Rules and Regulations at any time. You will be bound by the Rules and Regulations, even if the change in the Rules and Regulations occurs after you have signed your Campsite User Agreement. Your continued presence at the Campground constitutes your assent to any change of the Rules and Regulations.
By being present at the Campground, you hereby assent and agree to the above Rules and Regulations.
Revised May 2nd, 2024
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